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Gia Diamonds

At Luxury Diamonds, we take pride in selling the finest gems; this is why we exclusively sell GIA-certified diamonds. The standardization that has been created to classify these diamonds makes them the most consistent on the grading scale, ensuring that you get exactly what you are expecting when you receive your new jewelry.

Ethically Source

Ethically sourced diamonds, also known as conflict free, are diamonds that are mindfully sourced to encourage safe work environments, environmental sustainability and community engagement, avoiding areas where financial gain from the diamond industry is used for unethical activities. At Luxury Diamonds, we go above and beyond to ensure that your diamonds and gems are a statement you can be proud of.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are also known as engineered or man-made diamonds. These diamonds are grown in a controlled, laboratory setting that perfectly mimic the conditions under which diamonds naturally form in the earth. The chemical and atomic properties of lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds and they consist of carbon atoms arranged in the signature diamond crystal structure of natural diamonds. Due to this identical resemblance, they exhibit the same properties and characteristics.

The 4C’s

The 4Cs of Diamond Quality

The universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world.

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Diamond Cuts

Diamond shapes refer to their outward geometric appearance, while diamond cuts show the diamond proportions and attributes.

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Diamond Clarity

Clarity is an essential property of a diamond. It is heavily considered when finding the quality of a diamond.

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Diamond Shape

Do you want to learn more about the different diamond shapes and discover the most desirable ones?

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Diamond Colour

Are you curious about diamond colours and how diamond colour grading works?

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Lab-grown or man-made diamonds

Are you thinking about buying Canadian diamonds wholesale for your jewelry business? Before you commit to buying wholesale Canadian diamonds, it’s always wise to learn everything you can about it. Here’s a quick guide for entrepreneurs who want to buy diamonds online in Canada.

Where Are Wholesale Diamonds from Canada Sourced?

Are you planning to buy diamond jewelry to start a business? Do you want to open a small jeweler shop to cater to a specific niche? Opening the business is easy, but finding the best place to buy diamonds can be a challenge. If you’re in Canada, buy diamonds from reputable sources.

Most of the diamonds you’d find being sold at jewelers come from laboratories: they’re lab-grown or man-made diamonds. But this doesn’t take away from their value. Chemically, atomically, and physically, they’re precisely like natural diamonds.

The only difference is their source. The laboratories in which they’re created mimic the conditions that create natural diamonds.

Cost of Buying Diamonds Online in Canada

In the wholesale market, diamond prices depend on the unit of weight or carat of the diamonds. If you play to buy loose diamonds in Canada, consider your location, the 4Cs, and the quality of the gems. If you plan to buy diamonds wholesale with a total carat weight of 5.00 or more, prepare 25,000 USD or a higher budget. Keep in mind that the prices of diamonds constantly change depending on the market.

How to Buy Loose Diamonds in Canada

What if you’re willing to buy loose diamonds that haven’t been turned into jewelry yet? If you need to learn where to buy diamonds that are already cut and polished, the internet offers many choices. As we mentioned above, many factors will affect the price of a diamond sale.