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Located in central downtown Vancouver, Luxury Diamonds offers the finest and largest selection of GIA-certified diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds at wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking for custom jewelry or a classic design, we will construct creative solutions to make your vision into reality.

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Diamond Rings

All our jewelry, including diamond rings and earrings, engagement rings and wedding bands are all made right here in Vancouver. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them make an informed decision. We create jewelry that is not only beautiful but also unique to each individual story and handcrafted to perfection.

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Beautiful and Sustainable

Engagement rings are not just a piece of jewelry, they are a testament to a couple's love and commitment to each other. We understand this, and offer a range of diamond rings that are both beautiful and sustainable. Our rings are not only environmentally conscious, but they are also conflict-free, ensuring that you can wear your ring with pride and peace of mind.


Unmatched Brilliance and Endurance

At Luxury Diamonds, we use only the highest quality diamonds that are expertly cut to maximize their brilliance and beauty. Our diamonds are graded by GIA laboratory , ensuring that you receive a diamond that is not only beautiful but also ethically sourced. We are proud to offer a range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect diamond for your ring.


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Luxury Diamonds: Beautiful Engagement Rings for the Ultimate Luxury

In Vancouver where nature meets city, there is no better way to show off your sophistication than with a diamond ring. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring crafted in gold or platinum, a gift or just want to spoil yourself, Luxury Diamonds has an amazing collection of fine jewelry including beautiful diamond rings that will wow you. Let’s get into diamond rings in Vancouver and answer some FAQs.

  • Luxury Diamonds: Your Diamond Ring Store in Vancouver

Luxury Diamonds is a Vancouver based jewelry boutique that has built a reputation for having the best diamond rings. One of the top jewelry stores in the area. Their focus on high quality craftsmanship, beautiful designs and ethically sourced diamonds separates them from the rest. They have strong relationships with diamond cutters to get the best quality and price. With a wide range of options including engagement rings, wedding bands, mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds Luxury Diamonds is the one stop shop for anyone looking for a diamond ring in Vancouver.

  • Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring in Vancouver

Propose? There’s no better way to say I love you and commit than with a beautiful engagement ring. Luxury Diamonds has a wide range of engagement rings that tell your love story. From classic solitaires to intricate hidden halo designs, their team will help you find the ring that represents your unique bond.

  • Celebrate with Diamond Rings

Diamond rings aren’t just for engagements and weddings; they’re also perfect for special occasions. Whether it’s a milestone anniversary, birthday or personal achievement, a diamond ring from Luxury Diamonds will make a lasting impression. Spoil your loved ones with the timelessness of a diamond ring and create memories in the heart of Vancouver.

Luxury Diamonds offers customization options to bring your dream ring to life. Their skilled craftsmen work with clients to design and create bespoke diamond rings that fit individual style and taste. From choosing the perfect diamond shape and cut to metal and setting Luxury Diamonds ensures every detail is perfected.

  • Ethical Sourcing and Authenticity

Luxury Diamonds sources diamonds ethically and conflict free. Each diamond comes with a certification guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. You can rest assured your diamond ring is responsibly sourced and carefully curated to last forever.

Finding Your Dream Engagement Ring

For diamond rings in Vancouver, Luxury Diamonds is the benchmark for quality, design, and service. They offer a wide range of custom rings to match specific designs and preferences. Their range and team will help you find the perfect diamond ring to say I love you, celebrate, or just to indulge in the beauty of these timeless pieces. They also offer custom order engagement rings.

Whether you want a classic solitaire or something unique, their team will help you find the ring that represents your bond. They provide high-quality and customizable wedding bands to suit your needs. They can create the perfect ring for your occasion.

Customers have had positive experiences purchasing wedding rings, praising the personalized service and the beautiful, high-quality rings they received.