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Located in Downtown Vancouver, Luxury Diamonds offers the finest and largest selection of GIA-certified diamonds alongside exceptional lab grown diamonds at wholesale prices. From classic designs to your bespoke ideas, we bring your vision to reality.


Truly Bespoke

Stories that become timeless. The choices are endless with our custom jewelry and classic collections crafted by our master goldsmith. All our jewelry, including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings and engagement rings, are constructed in the heart of Vancouver. Creating handcrafted jewelry for your generations.

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Buying An Engagement Ring At Luxury Diamonds Vancouver

Luxury Diamonds Vancouver Engagement Rings

Find the custom designed diamond engagement ring, wedding rings or bridal set of her dreams from our selection of beautiful designer ring styles in our Vancouver jewelry store. Choose from rose gold, classic solitaires with traditional round cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds, vintage settings, halo framed asscher cut or cushion cut diamonds in 1 carat, 2 carat or go bigger. Unique affordable three stone rings. Diamond wholesale in Vancouver and much more. We offer online and in store fine jewelry, wedding bands, custom jewelry in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Luxury Diamonds Vancouver Engagement Rings expert jewelers have refined their skills for years designing fine, high-end diamond and gemstone jewelry. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality fine jewelry, customized diamond rings in our store.

Luxury Diamonds & Custom Jewelry

Located in central downtown Vancouver, jewellery store Luxury Diamonds offers the finest and largest selection of GIA-certified diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds at wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking for custom jewelry, custom rings, custom designed fine jewelry, best engagement rings price or a classic design engagement rings, we will construct creative solutions to bring your vision into reality. All our jewelry of custom design, including diamond rings, earrings and wedding bands are all made right here in Vancouver. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them make an informed decision. We create jewelry and rose gold rings that is not only beautiful but also unique to each individual story and handcrafted to perfection.

Custom Engagement Rings From Diamond Wholesaler in Vancouver Luxury Diamonds

An engagement ring isn’t just a spectacular piece of jewelry; it’s also a powerful talisman that protects love and your family’s happiness. That is why the choice of custom rings and such jewelry should be conscious and delicate: accessory style, metal, inlay, and decoration are essential. A bespoke engagement ring is the beginning of your never-ending story.


Who We Are and Where to Buy Diamond Ring

Luxury Diamonds is a Vancouver-based company (located in downtown Vancouver) and diamond wholesaler with over 15 years of experience in offering engagement rings and providing a seamless experience for our clients. We are a family-owned and operated jewelry company run by a certified diamond expert.

All our mined diamonds are GIA-certified. We provide GIA certified diamonds at wholesale prices. Our jewelry, including diamond engagement rings, rose gold rings, earrings, fine jewelry and wedding bands are made in Vancouver.

One of the underlying principles of our company is having a close relationship with our customers. When creating jewelry, we take into account all the wishes and comments of our customers. We revise and improve the design of our products, carefully observing the production of each pair of rings so that your jewelry pieces are truly perfect.

Bespoke Diamond Rings & Diamond Offers in Vancouver

Each piece we create, whether it is a simple custom engagement ring, 2-carat diamond ring or a classic diamond bracelet, undergoes a multi-stage quality control system. All diamonds including lab grown diamonds are carefully inspected, and the surfaces of the pieces are scrutinized and polished. Gold diamond rings often become part of family history and are passed down, so they must retain their original beauty and quality.

Jewelry and affordable engagement rings created by jewellery store Luxury Diamonds set the tone for fashion and become part of the most intimate stories for people around the world. With the broadest selection of jewelry available, the brand offers both elite pieces for the most sophisticated reception and more affordable but no less luxurious versions of diamonds.


Wedding Bands & Diamond Deals in Vancouver - Find the Perfect Ring

Classic men’s wedding bands are usually simple yellow or white gold rings. But that doesn’t mean that choosing a man’s ring is an afterthought. A man’s wedding band should also be luxurious and beautiful.

Our professional jewelers will create a unique jewelry piece to suit any taste and request. Luxury Diamonds jewelry store provides first-class diamond rings in Vancouver to make sure that the jewelry becomes a part of your history and reminds you of the most important decision of your life with its beauty.

Unique Pieces of Jewelry - Perfect Diamond

Despite the incredible collection of diamonds at our disposal, the most valuable thing we have is the opportunity to create and continue the tradition.

We sell certified diamond rings, offer the best diamonds prices and we create engagement rings that you wear for life.

No matter what joyful occasion comes up in your life, our certified diamond jewelry, whether it’s a pair of earrings, a pendant for everyday wear, or a classic ring, will always be a pleasant reminder and preserve precious emotions.

How to Pick a Diamond – The 5 C’s and the best place to buy engagement rings

The hallmark of our company is that we strive not only to create beautiful jewelry but also to educate our customers. The more you know about diamonds, ring designs the better you can distinguish a beautiful piece from mediocrity. We are happy to talk about gemstones, the best diamond ring prices and cheapest engagement rings.

One of the main rules that we use in our work and tell our clients about is the 5 C’s: colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. You may ask, but where is the fifth C? The fact is that the first four C’s are accepted by jewelers throughout the world. The fifth C, caring, is what sets us apart.

You will never see pushy salespeople in our showroom or on our site. All of our meetings are one-on-one in a relaxed atmosphere. We as a jewellery wholesaler in Vancouver do everything to make the stressful and challenging process of buying diamonds and diamond engagement rings in Vancouver an enjoyable experience for you.

Why Choose Us To Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Here at Luxury Diamonds, we offer breathtaking diamonds along with first-class personalized service. We make the process of buying or creating diamond engagement rings easy and fun. If you are not sure which ring to choose from our vast collection, you can always visit our showroom located in Vancouver to try on a piece of jewelry that catches your eye.

If you are looking for custom jewelry in Vancouver or the best place to buy engagement ring, contact us without a doubt. We offer integrity, reliability, and our years of knowledge alongside the best engagement rings to all of our clients. We provide our customers with first-class service, the most incredible diamonds, and bespoke jewelry. Each piece of jewelry we create is unique and matchless - just like your personal story. We bring perfection to each of our work because our primary goal is to bring you joy.

The Best Vancouver Diamonds Are Waiting for You Here

Our primary mission is to provide you with a personal jeweler experience without paying a fortune. So if you find yourself typing “jewelers near me” or "certified diamond" into Google, you should definitely check us out. Here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the diamond ring’s price and the fantastic personal approach we will give you.

After more than 15 years in the jewelry industry, the specialists at Luxury Diamonds know exactly what is suitable for each individual client and always provide a personal approach. We want our clients to feel secure in the knowledge that they are in good hands. So if you are looking for engagement rings in Vancouver or diamonds in Vancouver, BC, know that they are waiting for you here - at Luxury Diamonds Vancouver engagement rings website.