Custom jewelry like none other.

Luxury Diamonds creates custom jewelry that is meant to be like none other. Our custom jewelry as well as our classic pieces tell your individual story with their unique design. From diamond tennis bracelets to diamond earrings, Luxury Diamonds has the perfect custom jewelry to last a lifetime.


A story on your wrist

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets bring a touch of elegance and simplicity for any wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a gold diamond tennis bracelet that tells your unique story with scintillating brilliance, look no further.

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What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Once called an “eternity bracelet,” a tennis bracelet is a somewhat loose-fitting bracelet with dozens of diamonds adorning the encircle.

Classic tennis bracelets come in a beautiful single strand of linked-together diamonds. Tennis bracelets may also come in a variety of rows, from two to five rows of luxury diamonds.

Beautifully elegant, this endless circle of diamonds tastefully embellishes the wearer's wrist with the perfect amount of simplicity and elegance.

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

Although loose-fitting, tennis bracelets are not meant to fall off your arm but to elegantly move freely on your wrist. In 1978, tennis player Chris Evert was wearing an “eternity bracelet” during a round of the U.S. Open. As her publicist recounts, the bracelet broke off of her wrist and fell on the court. Chris stopped play to look for her bracelet. From that moment on, “eternity bracelets” became known as “tennis bracelets” and their popularity sky-rocketed. Today, you can buy the perfect, diamond tennis bracelet at Luxury Diamonds.


Large Bracelet Selection

Located in Vancouver, we pride ourselves in our large selection of GIA-certified diamonds and lab grown diamonds and in our luxury customer service experience, without the luxury price tag. We will help you create your unique diamond tennis bracelet, from women’s tennis bracelets to men’s tennis bracelets and everything in


Luxurious Service

Our customer service offers a luxurious, relaxed setting with our one-on-one jewelers, during which we pride ourselves in educating our clients on the right diamond, style, and fit to match the unique story of their custom jewelry.


for special occasions

Diamond Earrings

Elegant and versatile, diamond earrings are simple statement pieces that are perfect for every occasion. Whether for an elegant date night or a relaxing evening at home, diamond earrings are the classic staple for any event and every wardrobe. Custom diamond earrings make the perfect gift for wedding anniversaries, mother’s day, and any special occasion.

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How to Choose Your Custom Diamond Stud Earrings

To choose the right diamond studs for you or your loved one, first you should determine the diamond shape. Different diamond shapes include:

Round | Princess | Pear | Oval | Heart | Asscher | Marquise | Emerald | Radiant

During a consultation with our Diamond experts, we can help you choose the perfect diamond shape for your custom jewelry piece. While diamond shape is a choice based on preference, something to keep in mind is that diamond shape can influence diamond brilliance. The rounder the diamond, the more light it reflects, making it more brilliant. So, if you’re choosing a round diamond vs a princess-cut diamond, you’ll get more brilliance from a round diamond.

Diamond Stud Earring Setting


Prong Setting

A prong setting is the most classic. Prongs hold your diamond in place, leaving the diamond more exposed to allow more light to reflect off of it. The 3-prong setting allows for more of the diamond’s surface to be seen, which allows more light through it. The 4-prong setting allows for a more secure hold, which is perfect for everyday wear. Then finally, choose your diamond. Choosing the right diamond could be the most difficult part of this process; Luxury Diamonds can help.


Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is more sleek. A ring of metal holds your diamond in place for a more secure and safe placement. At Luxury Diamonds, we can create a semi-bezel setting for your custom diamond earrings. A semi bezel setting holds the diamond from its sides. Of course, instead of a prong or bezel setting, you may choose a different approach: the halo setting. A halo setting is a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the larger diamond in the middle.

The Importance of the 5 C's

At Luxury Diamonds, our world-class service aims to educate our customers so that you can make an informed decision on the best diamond and setting style for you. We make sure to inform you on the 5 C’s of buying and choosing a diamond. Although most people are familiar with the 4 C’s of choosing a diamond (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight), we add an additional touch of luxury with the 5th C: caring.

World-Class Service

You can create your unique diamond earrings with the experience of having a private jeweler in a no pressure, caring, honest, and relaxed setting. Although diamond studs have a fairly simple design, with Luxury Diamonds, your custom diamond studs will be as unique as you, your loved one, and your story. If you’re in the Vancouver area or will be traveling soon, be sure to book your appointment today with one of our Diamond experts.

Custom Jewelry Luxury Diamonds

Sometimes, shopping for your engagement or wedding rings can feel overwhelming. You may feel that the rings you see on the displays lack something. If you can’t seem to find off-the-shelf rings that match what you’re looking for, getting customized rings is the perfect solution.

Read on to learn where and how to get the best custom-made engagement rings in Canada.

How to Pick Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Do you want to surprise your fiancé with a perfect engagement ring with a unique custom design? Engagement dates are some of the happiest memories a couple can share.

Before that, you need to know what kind of ring you want. Our best tip is to look for inspiration from loved ones or online.

Let’s say that your family likes to pass down custom three-stone rings to the next generation. You can continue the tradition by getting a custom diamond ring with a three-stone design.

Another tip is to look for what you like or feel comfortable in. Make sure the ring you choose not only looks good but also fits you well. Remember, you’ll be wearing these custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands for a long time.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Custom Engagement Ring?

The primary reason for getting customized jewelry is that you and your partner can wear something you designed. Or, if you got the ring design custom-made, you’ll have something unique on your fingers. You’ll know that nobody else in the world has the same ring as you do.

Since you customize your engagement ring, it can hold symbolism. For example, let’s say the number four holds a lot of significance for you and your partner. With custom rings, you get four diamonds set onto each band.

Getting custom rings is also cost-efficient. That’s because you get a say in what type of metal, colour, stone, or other materials go into your rings.

These benefits aren’t limited to engagement rings. You can also do the same with customized wedding bands once you know you’re ready to move onto that stage of your life.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Custom Rings in Canada?

Our best tip is to look for a reputable and trusted jeweler in your area.

A good jeweler will offer their best collection of rings. The best jewelers will let you take control of the ring design process. This way, you get a say in how the ring looks on your hand and suits your style.

Trustworthy jewelers will also provide ethically sourced diamonds. These are stones from mines or laboratories that follow proper and moral practices. Ethically sourced and conflict-free diamond sources:

- Don’t condone violence and war driven by diamond sales

- Ensure no child labour, and no forced labour takes place

- Confirm workers receive fair wages

- Guarantee workers are in safe working environments

If you’re in Vancouver and need an engagement ring, all you have to do is give us a call or book an online appointment. Send your ring designs to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tips on Designing Your Custom Diamond Rings

Do you want to design your engagement and wedding rings but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to give you an idea of how to come up with a design that you’ll appreciate throughout your life.

Start by researching the trendiest and most classical diamond ring designs. Don’t worry, you aren’t copying them; you’re taking inspiration. If ideas come to you, draw your ring design on paper right away.

Also, consider adding details that could enhance how the ring looks on your fingers. For example, you have short or stubby fingers. Rings with elongated diamond shapes can help elongate your fingers, too.

When designing your engagement ring, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Does the colour brown hold great significance for you and your partner? Don’t be afraid to get an engagement ring with a brown diamond!

Finally, picture the ring on your finger before committing to the design. Better yet, find one that shares a similar look and try it on. Doing this is the best way to see if you like how it will look once you get it from the jewelry designer.

Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring Set Now

For many couples, the engagement is invaluable, and the wedding ring is priceless. Rest easy, even if you’re on a limited budget. We’ll help you find a ring that fits your budget and your customization preferences.

Get the best custom jewelry Vancouver has to offer from the city’s top designer. We offer pieces that are unique compared to off-the-shelf rings. Remember, your love is unique, just as your ring should be.

We would love to help you create a custom jewelry piece for you or your loved one, and turn your design into reality.