Priced From $1550

*Prices do not include center stone or wedding band

Product Description

This beautiful white gold oval shaped halo engagement ring features a single row of micro pave set round brilliant cut diamonds framing the oval diamond of your choice. Available in 14k 18k and platinum.


Many women prefer the classic cushion-cut or round diamond engagement ring. However, did you know that oval engagement rings with halo designs are just as beautiful and brilliant as those traditional choices? Plus, with an oval diamond ring, you get more bang for your buck. Because of its elongated shape, such a ring looks larger on your finger — and what’s more, it has a 10% larger surface area than a round-cut diamond. The difference between oval diamonds of differing carat weights is also more prominent compared to round diamonds. Try comparing a 2-carat oval diamond and a 2-carat round diamond to understand what we mean. Ovals also have a bowtie formation in the diamond that no other shape can create. Its figure reflects light in this unique way because light doesn’t bounce back and forth in the centre. If you want a one-of-a-kind ring, consider looking into halo oval engagement rings. Don’t forget that the elongated shape is also extremely flattering on the hand. Some celebrities who proposed with oval engagement rings include Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, and Travis Baker. Famous women who wear oval engagement rings are Scarlet Johansson and Kate Middleton.

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