GIA Diamonds

If you’ve gone shopping for diamond rings before, you might have come across the term “GIA-certified diamond” once or twice. If you’ve ever been curious about GIA diamonds, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn about GIA diamonds and how to get a GIA diamond certification.

What Are GIA Diamonds?

GIA Diamonds

To understand GIA diamonds, we need to define GIA first. This acronym stands for the Gemological Institute of America, an independent, non-profit organization that researches and educates specialists about gemstones.

The GIA doesn’t buy, mine, sell, appraise, or trade diamonds. Instead, it sets the standards that determine a diamond’s quality. For example, the GIA created the colour scale for diamonds. Also, GIA diamond prices tend to be higher because they hold more value.

GIA Diamond Features

GIA Diamond

Four essential features define GIA diamonds. You most likely know these features as the 4Cs, otherwise known as:

  • Clarity: whether a diamond is free of inclusions and blemishes
  • Carat weight: the weight of the diamond in metric carat or ct., as abbreviated
  • Colour: diamonds come in many colours, ranging from light yellow to brown to colourless
  • Cut: how the diamond was cut to allow light to enter and make it brighter
The clarity, colour, carat weight, and cut of a diamond determine its quality.

Why Buy GIA Certified Diamonds?

If you’re meticulous about diamond rings, get a GIA diamond. The GIA grades a diamond’s quality and issues a document as proof - plus, you’d get all the information on the 4Cs of the diamond.

For example, you want a natural diamond for your engagement ring. It is unwise to buy from any old jewelry store that claims they sell natural diamonds. Every GIA natural diamond should have a grading report that signifies the diamond is a natural diamond.

Diamonds with a GIA certification are stones with the highest quality. They are an excellent choice if you plan to leave your diamond ring to your children as an heirloom. At the very least, you’ll know that a GIA diamond is of excellent quality, authentic, and long-lasting.

Are you wary of fake diamonds circulating in the diamond market and duping customers? Buying a GIA-certified diamond is also how you avoid becoming a victim of fake diamond sellers. Since you know what you’re buying, you can be sure of its authenticity.

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