Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Natural diamonds come from mines, while artificial ones come from laboratories that use extreme pressure and heat to imitate mines. Whilу lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural ones, many people regard the latter as “real” and prefer them. However, some mining companies don’t source diamonds sustainably. If learning about natural and ethically made diamonds is what you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Ethically sourced diamonds are stones that are products of humanitarian mining practices. The companies that mine them maintain safe and responsible labour practices, support community development, and stand against human rights abuse.

The same mining companies and jewelers also try to reduce their environmental impact. You might have also looked up conflict-free diamonds. Responsibly sourced diamonds and conflict-free diamonds both mean that the company doesn’t finance or support rebel movements.

Are Ethically Mined Diamonds Cheaper?

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Yes, jewelry and other ethically sourced engagement rings are cheaper. Cheaper yet are lab-created diamonds, which minimize the industry’s environmental impact. Many people assume that lab-grown diamonds are cheaper because they aren’t real diamonds, but this is a myth.

The truth is that artificial diamonds are physically and chemically the same as earth-mined diamonds. The only difference lies in their origin. Keep in mind that they’re as real as mined ones.

Where to Get Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

If you want to support pro-environment and humanitarian causes, getting ethically sourced diamond engagement rings are the best way to do so. Yet, you may not know where to go or which store to shop at. If you want ethically made engagement rings, the first thing to do is understand where a jeweller gets its diamonds.

Reputable jewellers will tell you where their diamonds come from and be aware of conflicts in the country of origin. They’ll also have certifications and documentation that will back their claims. Of course, you should also research the region by yourself to better understand the origins of the diamond.

Excellent retailers that support ethical sourcing are James Allen, Luxury Diamonds, and the Blue Nile. These are the go-to stores if you want to find authentic, guilt-free, and quality diamonds.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Make Ethical Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a wedding ring for your loved one but are unsure about the ethics behind it? Interestingly enough, there is a fair bit of politics and ethics in the diamond industry– read on, and we’ll help you understand what ethical wedding rings or sustainable engagement rings mean and navigate the situation!

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Make Ethical Engagement Rings

What Does Ethically Sourced Mean?

If you’ve gone diamond ring shopping before, you’ve likely heard about ethical engagement rings. Ethical or conflict-free diamonds are gemstones sourced with a set of ethical standards. The jewellers and companies that produce these diamonds ensure that the ring comes from conflict-free countries.

If you haven’t read about where diamonds come from, you may be surprised to learn that most diamonds come from war zones. The groups that source these diamonds trade them on the black market to fund their warfare in exchange.

These “conflict diamonds” don’t just provide rebel groups with funding. The miners who find them also often experience starvation, violence, and disease. Since 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification System has kept these blood or conflict diamonds from entering the market.

What Is an Ethically Sourced Diamond?

An ethically sourced diamond is a mined or lab-grown diamond in compliance with strict labour and environmental regulations. The lab or mine ensures that the following takes place during the creation of the diamonds:

  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • Workers receive fair wages
  • Safe working conditions
  • Diamond sales don’t fund violence or warfare
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • Sustainable methods are used

These are what make engagement rings ethical or sustainable. These are also the primary reasons why many couples today look for ethical engagement rings.

Are Ethical Diamond Rings More Expensive?

An ethically sourced diamond isn’t necessarily more expensive than a conflict diamond. No extra cost is necessary to ensure that conflict-free diamonds come from sustainable sources.

If you’re interested in buying affordable and sustainable diamond rings, look for Canadian diamonds. You can rest assured that the diamonds you’re purchasing are from ethical and conflict-free sources. The only catch is they can sometimes cost more than diamonds mined in Africa.

Do Ethical Diamonds Include Recycled Diamonds?

In a sense, recycled diamonds are also ethical diamonds. First, let’s define what recycled diamonds are to understand better what the term covers.

A recycled diamond is a gemstone that already had a previous owner. It re-entered into the diamond supply chain and is ready for a new owner. Usually, they already carry emotional or symbolic value from the previous owner.

Often, recycled diamonds come from vintage and second-hand jewellery. The other terms for recycled diamonds include reclaimed or estate diamonds.

Now, the question is, “is it good to buy recycled diamonds?” Yes, if you are socially conscious and want to practice environmental friendliness. Instead of using newly-mined diamonds, you’ll have a repurposed diamond on your engagement ring. Plus, they’re more affordable.

You can up the ante by using recycled gold for your wedding ring. Remember that you can also reuse or repurpose precious metals into new jewellery. The good news is that you can reuse or recycle gold without degradation in quality.

You can recut and reset recycled diamonds. In other words, you can change their shape and the type of jewellery they’re on. For example, a brilliant round cut can become a heart-shaped diamond cut. Some people remove the gemstones from inherited heirlooms and reset them in new jewellery.

As a tip, make sure you get a diamond and precious metals of high quality. This way, you ensure that the diamond can withstand the recutting and resetting process.

If you want to ensure a diamond’s strength and quality, talk to a diamond expert. Contact us at Luxury Diamonds and get insight from a professional in the industry.

Tips for Buying Ethically Sourced Diamond Rings

Now, you know why you should purchase diamonds that come from ethical and conflict-free origins. The next step is to look for a vendor who sells them. Research the market and ask vendors about their diamonds.

You can check if a diamond is a conflict-free diamond by asking questions. Vendors should be able to give you straight and clear answers about their products. They should be as familiar with the diamonds as a realtor is knowledgeable with a property for sale.

If a vendor can only give a guarantee, keep asking. They should also know where the diamond came from and went through the Kimberley Process. Many Canadian diamond retailers even keep certificates of origin as proof.

Are you still looking for the best conflict-free diamonds Canada has to offer? Consider Luxury Diamonds for your first choice. We assure you that all our products are diamonds ethically sourced from conflict-free zones and are environment-friendly. You can even send your diamonds to us for recycling, recutting, or resetting.

After all, who would want to propose using an engagement ring with a “blood diamond” on it?


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