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Located in central downtown Vancouver, Luxury Diamonds offers the finest and largest selection of GIA-certified diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds at wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking for custom jewelry or a classic design, we will construct creative solutions to make your vision into reality.

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Diamond Rings

All our jewelry, including diamond rings and earrings, engagement rings Vancouver and wedding bands are all made right here in Vancouver. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them make an informed decision. We create jewelry that is not only beautiful but also unique to each individual story and handcrafted to perfection.

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Engagement Rings in Vancouver

Engagement rings symbolize love and the future of marriage. With such special meaning, these rings should be chosen very carefully. Engagement rings will be with you for a long time, so they must be beautiful, comfortable, and made of high-quality materials. Our jewelry company offers beautiful luxury engagement rings in Vancouver. When shopping for engagement rings in Canada, you will be hard-pressed to find rings that match Luxury Diamonds’ quality, aesthetic, and comfort.

When you find an engagement ring you love, order it online on our website. We will be happy to arrange an appointment in Vancouver and give you an in-person showing of your favourite, unique diamond engagement ring.

Our range of engagement rings for women is impressive; you can choose the models you like and get an impeccable shopping experience at Luxury Diamonds. If you’re looking for a reliable provider of luxury engagement rings in Vancouver with a great selection, quality photos, and reasonable prices, consider Luxury Diamonds, by all means. We offer gold & diamond engagement rings, the price of which fully corresponds to the level of their jewelry processing. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are crafted by true masters.


Luxury Engagement Rings

If your goal is to buy a luxury engagement ring, remember, quality, beauty, reliability, and durability should be the key characteristics you consider. We offer a wide range of classic and fashionable emerald-cut engagement rings.

On our website, you will find the most attractive models of jewelry made of gold and decorated with diamonds. We offer the best Vancouver engagement rings, but we also are happy to work with customers outside of the region.

Shopping with Luxury Diamonds is a comfortable and reliable experience; come see what true quality jewelry looks like.

Only at LuxuryDiamonds.ca can you find the best luxury engagement rings in Canada. Check out our collection to buy a custom engagement ring online. Not sure about what you want? Don’t worry - we offer consultations on finding the perfect ring.

The most important advantages of buying luxury and simple engagement rings from us are quality, bespoke design, and a reasonable price from the best jewelry company in Vancouver.


Engagement Rings

Some Of Our Latest Designs

Browse below the right style for you in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bypass Diamond Halo

Classic Cathedral Style White Gold Solitaire

Classic French Petit Pave

Curved Shank with Diamond Pave and a Round Halo

Cushion Halo Diamond Ring with Twisted Micro Pave

Cushion Halo with Round Central Diamond

Diamond Pave Ring with a Twisted Gold Crown

Double Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Ring with Diamond Pave Sides

Pear Shape Diamond Halo with Micro Pave on the Sides

Round Channel Set Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

Round Diamond Halo Ring

Round Diamond Halo with Diamond Pave Sides

Round Pave Diamonds on Side of the Shank Engagement Ring

Split Shank Diamond Pave Ring

Square Halo Diamond Ring

Square Halo with Micro Pave on the Sides

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Twisted Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring


Where to Buy Elegant and Timeless Engagement Rings in Vancouver

An engagement ring is one of the most thoughtful, beautiful gifts in the world. From their stunning appearance to their profound declaration of eternal love, engagement rings are stunning in every sense.

When you present your loved one with an engagement ring, you want it to be absolutely perfect. But with so many options, how do you choose one that they will love - and, what’s more, one that will withstand the test of time?

This is where we come in: at Luxury Diamonds, we are dedicated to helping you find the engagement ring of your lover’s dreams. All of our rings are crafted with the utmost of care - from the style, shape, and inset diamonds, each detail adds to the ring’s beauty.

Luxury Diamonds: The Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

At Luxury Diamonds, we take pride in our personalized shopping approach and unique ring styles. We’ll help you and your loved one step into the next stage of your relationship by providing a selection of beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality rings.

Luxury Diamonds provides the most beautiful and ethical engagement rings in Vancouver, Canada - their elegance is simply unmatched. Whether you're
shopping for an engagement ring on our website or in one of our engagement ring stores, our staff is committed to providing you with a relaxing and fun environment. Save yourself the stress - we'll take care of your every question and need.

We have proudly provided Vancouver with engagement rings for over 15 years! Our founder started his career as a wholesale engagement ring supplier in Canada, but he realized that his passion lies in helping people purchase diamond rings for their partners. So, Luxury Diamonds was born, as the focus shifted from general engagement rings sale to a luxurious private jeweler service.

The Widest Selection of Luxury Engagement Rings in Vancouver: What We Offer

Every love is unique, and so is every ring - which is why we are proud to offer the widest variety of engagement rings in the region. Luxury Diamonds has the largest selection of lab grown diamonds for a radiant engagement ring, as well as GIA-certified mined diamonds, at the most affordable prices. Here are just a few examples of the engagement rings for sale:

- Halo engagement ring with a round cut diamond

- Hidden Halo engagement ring with a brilliant round cut diamond

- Solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond

- Double halo engagement ring

- Three stone diamond engagement ring

- Preloved engagement rings

To further personalize your engagement ring, we can engrave it upon request, customize the stone order, and even create a matching ring. Just let us know your vision, and we’ll make it a reality!

Buying Engagement Rings in Canada: The Luxury Diamonds Consultation Process

Are you ready to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner? We are honored that you’re thinking about including us in your journey and pride ourselves on our knowledge of engagement ring sale in Canada. To make the decision a little simpler for you, we’d like to provide some information on how to buy an engagement ring from us.

You may visit our showroom, if you would like, by scheduling an appointment. We provide each customer with a 45-minute consultation, 1-on-1 with our diamond expert.

If you know exactly the kind of ring you would like or have a budget for the engagement ring price, our expert will help you find one that meets your specifications. But if you really aren’t sure what you are looking for, we are still happy to help you! At Luxury Diamonds, we strive to provide our deep expertise to educate you on rings, making the diamond search much easier from a green sapphire engagement ring to pearl engagement rings, we are here to guide you.

Before coming into your appointment, feel free to browse our latest engagement ring designs on the Luxury Diamonds website. Maybe a green engagement ring is on the cards for your love? We can cover that with some of the more beautiful emerald engagement rings in Canada. With us you can even select your very own diamond!

Whether you want a lab-created diamond for an engagement ring or a natural one, you will have plenty to choose from. You’ll discover so many choices including such as;

• Radiant cut engagement ring
• Oval cut engagement rings
• Dark engagement rings
• Engagement Moissanite Rings
• And the most luxurious emerald cut engagement rings in Canada

Select the shape, carat, cut, clarity, polish, and more!

Include the information about the rings you are interested in when setting up your appointment, and we will be sure to bring them out for you to view in person. This way, you will get the chance to see the stunning piece of jewelry before purchasing it. See the sparkle in real life - it’s a feeling that’s incomparable.

So, go ahead, set up a consultation! We can’t wait to meet you and guide you through the journey of selecting a ring.

Buying an Engagement Ring Online in Canada - How to Do It With Luxury Diamonds

If you prefer, you can complete the entire ring purchasing experience without coming into our showroom. If you find an engagement ring on our website that you love, you can simply purchase it online, and we will ship it to you.

We recommend setting up a phone consultation so we can help you determine which style of ring is perfect for your loved one, but this is optional. If you are certain that you’ve found the ring you want and would like to proceed with buying it, feel free to do so! We’ll walk you through the process below:

- First, select the metal colour (white, yellow, or pink), the metal type (14 kt, 18 kt, or platinum), and the size (3 - 14.75).

- Next, select your diamond. For your convenience, we list each one’s carat, colour, clarity, cut, and price.

- Lastly, head to checkout and enter your payment and shipping details. We’ll get it sent out ASAP!

It’s really that simple! A few other online shopping considerations to keep in mind: we provide fast, free shipping and insurance to any destination within Canada.

All of our rings will be shipped within 1 - 3 weeks; the exact time depends on the item's production schedule. To ensure your safety, each item is securely
packaged and insured for its full value.

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

Luxury Diamonds is undoubtedly the best place in Vancouver to purchase an engagement ring at an affordable price - and to experience the unparalleled service we provide. From our private consultation sessions to our online diamond selector, we have tailored every part of the buying process for your convenience. We would be thrilled to supply you with your engagement ring - reach out if you would like to learn more. And, above all, we congratulate you for taking this beautiful step with your loved one!