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Wedding Rings Guide - Luxury Diamonds

Getting married, it’s the most important event that’s so magical that will surely be treasured for a lifetime. It’s the unity of two hearts, a blending of two lives on every level, the most obvious of which is physically, where sexual intimacy creates profound bonds. If you think that engagement part was the terrifying one, think again. Tying a knot with your special someone is a no backing out part. On this stage, not much of a surprise anymore, because you, together with your partner already are united after your engagement. So, looking for the best wedding ring is a unity. Some lovers end up going together to jewelry shops, checking online, just looking for their matching wedding rings. Your wedding ring is something that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, so it’s got to be the best! You’ve gone this far, two lovers etched together into eternity, we’re so excited for you!

Wedding Rings Guide

Allow us to give you some tips so that you can choose the perfect style for you.

Tip #1: Choose your budget

When setting you wedding budget, you need to determine how much will you be spending on wedding bands based on what you can afford as of the moment. As you’ll be wearing the wedding rings forever, it would be nice to be more practical and choose wisely. You can spend a little bit more than a regular jeweler if you can. If your budget is limited, you can always upgrade later on or buy her anniversary rings moving forward. This step should be the first one to keep in mind due to there is a lot of exquisitely stunning rings that you can choose from. To avoid financial stress, we need to make sure that you narrow down your choices properly.

Choose your budget

Tip #2: Don’t rush, Start Early

Give yourself enough allotted time for shopping of your wedding ring. At least two to three months won’t hurt, but if you want to have more time that you don’t need to feel rushed, make it at least six months before the wedding. Less hassle, less worry. Looking for the perfect ring can be a hard work. Browsing for the right ring, researching for prices and visiting shops to make sure that you’ll get the best ring to capture her heart. If you prefer a customized ring, then we would highly recommend giving more time for your research. Extra diamonds, engraving, that could take some time or at least a month, so better do your research as early as possible.

Don’t rush, Start Early

Tip #3: Shop as a Couple

If you have initially opted to surprise her when you bought the engagement ring, now’s the perfect time to bring her with you. Finding the perfect band that you’ll be wearing for a lifetime is not easy at all. Some couples prefer having matching rings but some wants non-matching bands that reflect each one’s personal style. You can both do research online but of course it will be better if you can go to your favorite jewelers physical store for you to have varieties of choices until you found the ring that you love.

Shop as a Couple

Tip #4: Consider your Lifestyle

Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing this ring everyday of your life, so the goal is to choose something that will be fit for your lifestyle. There’s no good in buying a gorgeous ring if you won’t feel comfortable with it. Choosing bands of the ring may depend on some professions. If you prefer having an active lifestyle, you may want to have a slimmer and thinner band. If you work with your hands, you can think about choosing a ring setting that can avoid gemstones to come loose and the ones that can trap dirt. If you have sensitive skin when it comes to metal, spend the money to buy platinum rings, at least those rings are hypoallergenic.

Consider your Lifestyle

Tip #5: Choose a Ring Metal that You’ll Love for a Lifetime

Each wedding ring metal renders distinctive attributes but the decision will still depend on your personal reference that you can narrow down. Don’t be hesitant to look fashionable, you can find a chic style that you would want to wear for the rest of your life. The ingenuity of your wedding band depends on the type of metal you choose for it. Make sure to make it last like your love and put into consideration that metal you’re choosing can avoid you from getting allergies. It’s not only silver and gold that you can choose from, nowadays, there are popular metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, and many other that can create an exquisite ring that you would like. Rather than choosing what is popular, you can always choose what you want the most and what will suit with you lifestyle.

Choose a Ring

Tip #6: Do you want to Customize?

Customizing your wedding rings will always take time, so if you decide to do it, better give it at least a month for the customized design to be properly crafted. Personalizing the ring for you and your partner’s taste will surely add a more sophisticated look. You can include symbols or designed that reflects your love story or an important mark that happened in your lives. Also, take into consideration that if you want to proceed on customizing rings, it may cost you extra for whatever changes that you may want. After all, no one else will be wearing that ring, it will definitely just be made for you.
Do you want to Customize

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