A Guide to Gemstone Engagement Rings

A Guide to Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone wedding bands come in a shimmering array of colours and speak to your uniqueness — they address your brighter, less customary side and are an exquisite choice for a middle stone. A gemstone that holds importance for you brings meaning to your wedding band — and your relationship — with extraordinary significance. And we believe that’s worthy of celebration.


Diamonds are the star of the show when it comes to gemstone wedding rings, yet there have forever been ladies who decide to express their love with a shaded ring. From Princess Diana's well-known Ceylon Sapphire and Jackie Kennedy's emerald and jewel gem to the present ladies selecting their beautiful gemstones, coloured stones keep becoming more famous.


Besides the fact that gemstones add a pop of variety, everyone has their own exceptional story and image, so you can pick one to assist with recounting your romantic tale.


Here are probably the most-cherished gemstones for wedding bands and the meanings behind them.

Sapphire Engagement Rings




Sapphire is a valuable gemstone that is a variety of corundum. It can be found in a scope of varieties of colours - each shade of gemstone quality corundum is known as sapphire, except for the red varieties (which are rubies!). It is generally cherished, nonetheless, due to its dazzling dark blue shade, and this is the most well-known of all hued gemstones for wedding bands.

Sapphire is a very hard gemstone, second just to diamonds, so it's also a sturdy decision for your wedding band.


Sapphire has for quite some time been related to intelligence and steadfastness - the ideal significance for your wedding band, as you commit your adoration to your other half, realizing that they are an ideal one for you. Sapphire is likewise the birthstone for September, so for ladies with birthdays in September, it offers additional individual importance.

sapphire engagement rings

Morganite Engagement Rings


Morganite is quite possibly the latest gemstone to be discovered, first found in the mid-1900s in Madagascar. Morganite is adored for its delightful clearness and typically peach-pink tone. With its delicate shade, morganite is a heartfelt yet flexible gemstone for your wedding band, making it a famous option in contrast to diamonds.

Morganite is a type of the mineral beryl, which comes in an assortment of colours from emerald to greenish-blue. It is also a hard gemstone, evaluated as a 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale, so it won't scratch easily when worn in a wedding band.


Considering that morganite is a relatively new finding, it doesn't have old stories and imageries connected to it like some other gemstones. Be that as it may, with its wonderful blush tone, morganite is associated with adoration and sentiment, as well as satisfaction and sympathy, making it a delightfully significant gemstone for your wedding band.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings




Greenish blue, and very much like morganite, Aquamarine is another gemstone that is a type of beryl. It ranges from light blue to green-blue, making it an extraordinary and timeless option in contrast to diamonds. Aquamarine is known for its wonderful straightforwardness and shimmer and compared to morganite, it's a hard gemstone - making it both a delightful and functional decision for your wedding band.



With its delicate blue ocean-like tone, Aquamarine has for quite some time been associated with the ocean. Its name comes from the Latin words for "ocean water." Once remembered for calming the waters and safeguarding mariners on sea journeys, this legend has been interpreted today into imageries of congruity, association, and trust – as wonderful as you and your cherished one beginning your next chapter together.


Aquamarine is additionally the birthstone for March, so it is great for ladies who were born in March who are looking for an additional individual touch in their wedding band.

Topaz Engagement Rings

Topaz comes in a variety of types and tones, however, one of the most beloved is the staggering blue topaz. Blue topaz ranges in colour from a splendid Sky Blue to a profound and faceted London Blue, so you can customize the ideal shade for your style. Blue topaz is accepted to represent spiritual connections, making it the best choice when committing your adoration to your perfect partner.


It's likewise the birthstone for December, so a blue topaz wedding band will be a particularly significant and individual choice for individuals brought into the world this month.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Love the appearance of gemstones yet have your heart set on precious stone engagement rings? Add a dash of variety and additional importance with a wedding ring including gemstones! Keep your engagement ring and wedding band in a similar shade of gold for an impeccably matched look.

How do I style a gemstone engagement ring?

Colourful gemstone wedding bands are flexible to style with wedding attire and beyond.


For an easy way to create a cohesive look, match your gemstone wedding band with either a plain valuable metal band or a precious stone set band in a similar metallic tone. Precious stones are extraordinarily flexible and will look staggering matched with any hued gemstone. If you want to add additional variety, you can likewise coordinate your gemstone ring with a gemstone engagement or wedding ring. Try different things by adding a band that incorporates a pearl or stir it up with an alternate tone.

How do I care for a gemstone engagement ring?

It's vital to care for your gemstone wedding band to keep it flawlessly shining.

Various gemstones change in hardness, and some will require additional care to guarantee they don't scratch against more durable diamonds or materials. For example, diamonds are by a long shot the hardest stone; while you can pair a precious stone wedding ring with a gemstone wedding band, be careful to ensure that the jewels won't rub against the actual gemstone.

Most gemstones that are used in wedding bands can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle cleanser to eliminate any soil or oils that can develop. We also recommend carrying your valuable gems to your closest Michael Hill store to have them expertly and painstakingly cleaned.

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