5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your Dream Engagement Ring

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your Dream Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a show of love and a romantic gesture that proves you are ready to move to the next level. While it should be easy to buy the ring, it isn't always the case with the several practical factors you must consider.

You should be ready to go the extra mile if you plan on getting the dream engagement ring for your partner. The perfect band should fit into your partner's lifestyle and depict your emotions. With that in mind, you are still left confused because you want to prove your love and commitment to your partner.

On the other hand, you get thrown into the complex world of diamonds, metals, and rings. To help with your search, we have curated a checklist to tick off the most important things. Below are five factors to consider when buying engagement rings.

1. The Shape and Setting of the Ring

Most engagement rings come pre-set, already spotting the centre stone, so it is easy for you to buy. However, under normal circumstances, the setting and the stones are separate. The setting is the metal frame that holds the diamond or gem on your ring.

The most common metal used for diamond ring settings is gold, which can be in white, yellow, or rose. You can also choose to go with silver or other high-grade metals that appeals to you. While the stone is the diamond, you need the knowledge of the 4cs to select the best quality of the diamond.

The 4cs are Cut, which affects the sparkle and how the diamond catches the light. The Colour is the measure of how colourless the diamond is and its purity. The Clarity helps you grade the quality of the stone. And the Carat, which is the weight and measure, usually determines the price.

When the quality is out of the question, you can now decide how the centre stone should get shaped. You can choose from round to emerald, princess, and other beautiful shapes in any setting.

2. Your Partner's Style

Your partner's style is the first thing you must consider when thinking of how to buy an engagement ring. Take pointers from how they like to dress for different occasions, even just lounge at home. You should also know the things that look appealing to your partner and the jewellery they want to wear.

If you can quickly pinpoint your partner's style, you are well on finding the perfect engagement ring. That's because you can relay the information to the jeweller and choose a ring design that interprets your partner.

3. The Daily Activities of Your Partner

You cannot be thinking about how to pick an engagement without considering how your partner spends her day, to sum up, their lifestyle. Engagement rings are exceptional and become a part of the owner for many years, sometimes even their entire lifetime.

Women take it more personally since they tend not to take off their rings to perform daily activities. For instance, if your partner works with computers and does a lot of typing daily, you don't want a ring that will obstruct their work.

The same consideration goes for other professions; a person that works with their hands, like a chef or nurse, does not need a ring that will mess with their work. The best choice for such people is getting a ring with prong settings and elevated diamonds.

When you are with a person who likes to get their hands dirty, maybe in the garden or the kitchen, you need a ring like the solitaire that is easy to clean. Also, a sporty person does not require an engagement ring that will make going to the gym complex. If you fail to understand your partner's lifestyle, you might end up with a ring that feels more like a load rather than a happy extension.

4. Your Budget

The prices of engagement rings always come as a shock when you buy an engagement ring without research and market survey. If the cost were an issue for you, it would help if you analysed the kind of rings you need and the average prices from different jewellers and brands.

 This will help you save toward the ring purchase and help you with a budget, so you don't go overboard. When your budget gets sorted out, you can start searching with the price range. Thankfully, there is always a wide variety of engagement ring styles available for any budget, but you might not quickly get the engagement rings of your dreams.

You can also choose to go out of your budget or not use a budget altogether if you can afford any ring that suits your partner. However, if the ring's price will affect your finances, do not make the purchase only to incur debts. You compromise your engagement ring choice so long as it makes your partner happy.

5. The Size of the Ring

The size of your partner's finger is essential when picking out an engagement ring. To some people, it doesn't matter since they can always get it resized, but that is so much hassle. Buying the wrong ring size can be awkward, as it is either too big and falling off, or it is too small and refuses to come off your partner's finger.

After putting so much effort into planning the big proposal, you should at least get the ring size right. Although getting your partner's ring size without raising suspicion or ruining the surprise can be tricky, there are intelligent ways to do it.

If your partner like to wear fashionable rings, it makes it easier for you. Measure the ring when they are unaware and use it. If they don’t wear rings, try playing with their ring finger with random items that can measure the size.

 Some people even go as far as using a sting or small piece of rope when their partner is sleeping. It also doesn't hurt to ask a friend or close family member to help determine the perfect engagement ring size. When you nail the question and the ring size on the big day, you'll be so glad you did.

In summary, remember to order the ring in advance if you are shopping online or have a special request for the ring. In addition, don't forget to get insurance and a warranty on your ring to protect the precious jewellery.