Priced From $950

*Prices do not include center stone or wedding band

Product Description

This elegant diamond engagement ring solitaire design has a twist. Available in 14k 18k and platinum.


Embodying elegance and grace, this splendid band is perfect for a refined lady who wants a crown diamond engagement ring adorning her finger. If you’re searching for something exclusive and dynamic, a twisted crown solitaire ring brings in a unique touch, only adding to the diamond’s beauty. Unlike most engagement rings with a simple design, this one offers an unconventional, artistic take on how rings can be made. With a sophisticated twist of the shank and prongs, the ring crown becomes even more eye-catching and directs attention to the diamond sitting on top of it. Choose the twisted crown solitaire engagement ring if you want a balanced blend of modern and traditional. The winding crown will do justice to the new designs, and the solitaire or single diamond will be a nod to the classic engagement ring element. This gorgeous twisted crown solitaire engagement ring is available in 14K and 18K platinum.

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