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*Prices do not include center stone or wedding band

Product Description

This unique design diamond engagement ring features a split shank pave set diamonds to compliment the center stone of your choice. Available in 14k 18k and platinum.


Have you grown weary of seeing the typical pavé ring design that follows a simple band around the finger? If you want to try something new, consider getting a split shank ring instead. This design splits the typical single pavé into two lines. The split shanks align with the pronged corners of the diamond. Made with perfect and stunning symmetry, each extending end of the split shank goes under the diamond and ascends to stand as a “prong” at the edge. This ring design works well for all types of diamond cuts, whether you have a round-cut, cushion-cut, or princess-cut stone. Consider this ring design if you already have a diamond that you want to set in a new band. It’s an excellent way to bring life to a diamond that has been passed down in your family for generations. Plus, it adds a modern yet elegant twist to the diamond ring. One gorgeous choice is the split shank pavé set with a halo diamond engagement ring. Adding a halo to the ring design can make your centre diamond look larger and more brilliant. This special split shank pavé engagement ring design is available in 14k, 18k, and platinum.


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