Priced From $1935

*Prices do not include center stone or wedding band

Product Description

This delicate design engagement ring showcases a cushion halo pave set diamonds to frame a round cut diamond of your choice. Available in 14k 18k and platinum.


Do you have a round diamond that you want to set in your engagement ring? If you’re looking for choices, consider getting a round diamond with a cushion halo engagement ring. It’s a great way to make a diamond look like it’s cushion cut, even if it’s actually round. Our round diamond and cushion halo engagement ring also has a pavé to highlight the brightness and brilliance of the central diamond. Together with the pavé, the cushion halo creates the illusion of holding up a larger diamond. Did you know that buying a cushion halo ring can help you save more if you’re on a budget? Halo rings cost less, thanks to the smaller stones set in the halo around the central diamond. The smaller diamonds aren’t just cheaper than larger diamonds — they also give you more sparkle for your buck. Another reason why women prefer halo rings today is that their halos add a layer of protection around the centre stone. Even though you’re wearing a diamond ring, remember that it can still get damaged. It may not break, but it can get scratched or chipped.


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