Priced From 1795

*Prices do not include center stone or wedding band

Product Description

This elegant tapered cathedral solitaire is a timeless engagement ring design. Available in 14k 18k and platinum.


Are you a fan of white gold engagement rings? If so, and if and you're soon to get married, you’ll love our classic white gold solitaire engagement ring. The simple solitaire engagement ring features one showstopping diamond, bringing a sense of sophistication to the wearer. The appearance of this ring design brings forth the elegance and beauty of its simplicity. And unlike many other simple engagement rings, white gold ones create an unmatched shine and radiance to the band. The beautiful band further emphasizes the singular stone at the center of the ring. One of our best simple diamond engagement rings is the Classic Cathedral Style White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring. From the top, it is a modest yet stunning solitaire diamond ring. When viewed from the front and back sides, it features smaller gems embedded at the base of the ring. We’ve shaped the band to create tapering sides that go up the sides of the diamond. The spaces at the base of the ring don't just emphasize the beautiful solitaire gemstone — It also highlights the peeking smaller stone in the middle. It’s the perfect ring for brides-to-be who want to wear something elegant, simple, and beautiful on their fingers.


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