Pave Collection

Pavé rings

Pavé rings redefine modern sophistication by transforming the classic solitaire engagement ring with the exquisite pavé technique. This method, reminiscent of a cobblestoned path, involves setting tiny diamonds or gemstones close together, magnifying the centerpiece's sparkle and brilliance. Our pavé engagement rings are the work of master artisans, who meticulously secure each stone to maximize light reflection, offering an unparalleled dazzle.

Crafting Your Dream Ring

Our selection embodies the perfect blend of contemporary design and timeless beauty, featuring a range of diamond shapes and pavé accents. Whether your preference leans towards a refined solitaire enhanced with pavé brilliance or a mesmerizing halo design, our collection promises a match for every taste.

Shopping for a pavé engagement ring

At Luxury Diamonds, we prioritize ethical sourcing and expert craftsmanship. Each diamond is selected for its superior grade and carat weight, set in the most delicate, lustrous metals. We offer complimentary customization, inviting you to tailor your choice to perfection, ensuring your pavé engagement ring not only dazzles but also symbolizes your unique love story. Allow us to guide you through our exquisite selection, where each ring is designed to stun and captivate. Discover the perfect expression of your commitment, crafted to last a lifetime, at Luxury Diamonds. With our expert advice and commitment to beauty, find the ring that resonates with your heart, ready to add that extra oomph to your special moment.