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Pavé Engagement Rings

Are you considering getting a solitaire pavé ring as your engagement ring? Or, are you looking for a pavé cut diamond ring that will symbolize the brightness of your love and loyalty? Pavé engagement rings are trending - and for a good reason. Keep reading below to learn more about the pavé setting on engagement ring designs.

Definition of Pavé Engagement Rings

A pavé diamond engagement ring is a showstopper with astonishing light and brilliance. Jewellers work to create a diamond-coated band, halo, or setting. “Pavé” in oval pavé engagement rings is from the French word “paved.”

A rose-cut diamond in a pavé setting or any other pavé ring creates a dazzling ring with accent diamonds set as close together as possible. Many retro engagement rings feature the pavé diamond setting.

Types of Pavé Setting Engagement Rings

Pavé rings come in many forms, including:

Pavé Band Engagement Ring

The most popular setting is the pavé band. In essence, the band of the round pavé engagement ring, for example, gets filled with smaller accent diamonds. These accent diamonds often span half of the band’s surface, with the larger center diamond in the middle.

Micro-Pavé Engagement Ring

A micro-pavé setting takes the pavé diamond setting to the next level. A jeweller fits much smaller diamonds on a band to make it look more delicate and slimmer. Because it involves mastery in the craft and delicate beauty, it’s often an expensive choice.

Pavé Halo Engagement Rings

The next type is the pavé halo ring, in which the setting goes around the centre diamond. A solitaire pavé engagement ring with a pavé halo will make the centre diamond look much larger and brighter.

There are more pavé types, like the French pavé and petit pavé. The ones we mentioned are the most popular choices among brides-to-be.