Multi Row Collection

Multi-Row Engagement Rings

One of the most special parts of entering an engagement is finding the right ring for your partner. A popular pick among many brides-to-be is the multi-row diamond engagement ring. If you want to learn how to pick the right one for the love of your life, read on!

What Are Multi-Row Engagement Rings?

Essentially, the name of the ring speaks for itself: two or more rows of gemstones are set into it. Multi-row engagement rings may also refer to engagement rings that contain several rows of metal instead. The rows of metal or gems could be shaped into intersecting or parallel lines. The ring may also come in a single type of metal or use different ones. For example, an elegant choice is a yellow gold multi-row diamond ring with diamonds set in beautiful intersecting lines. The space between the rows adds unique interest and elegance to the ring. Keep in mind, though, that the design and make of multi-row engagement rings mostly fit women.

How to Choose a Multi-Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Now, are you ready to go shopping for multi-row engagement rings? Here are some tips on finding the perfect ring, straight from our expert jeweler. First, what kind of hand or finger looks best with a multi-row engagement ring? Depending on the style, multi-row engagement rings can look good in all hands. However, they look best on women with long fingers. Next, consider the size of your budget for buying an engagement ring. If you want an affordable multi-row diamond ring, consider buying a ring with metal rows instead of gems. Add stylishness to the ring by choosing one with two metal colours. No matter which style or metal colour you choose, a multi-row engagement ring is stunning – and sure to please the love of your life.