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Do you want to surprise your lover with a unique ring with a distinctive setting? If so, consider a halo diamond ring – their romantic look is simply unmatched. Read on to learn about the different types of halo rings.

What Is a Halo Ring?

A halo ring setting consists of several small gemstones encircling a larger diamond or gemstone in the middle. This forms a “halo” effect, which makes the center gem look larger. It also creates a romantic and vintage look that’s perfect for the love of your life. Rings with round and cushion-shaped diamonds are the most sought-after halo cut ring designs.

Variations of Halo Diamond Rings

Halo rings come in many forms and variations, like the oval halo ring. Below, we’ll explain how they differ from the traditional halo ring.

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

The smaller gemstones in a hidden halo engagement ring setting are placed around the base of the primary gem. In some designs, there are smaller diamonds set around the band remain, but in other designs, they’re absent, and only the hidden halo remains. For example, some oval halo engagement rings have a hidden halo, which gives them more sparkle when viewed from an angle.

Double Halo Engagement Ring

A ring with a double halo has two halos instead of one. The second halo forms an outer layer of small diamonds around the gem, facing up. The design may feature a floating halo ring, which adds space between the halos to give it a more fragile yet elaborate look.

Pick the Perfect Halo Engagement Ring Set 

Find the best halo engagement rings for you and your fiancé today. Whether you want a cushion halo engagement ring or a hidden halo, you’ll find the style and design that suits you best. For more styles and tips on picking the ring for you, check out our other pages!