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Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire Rings

A classic solitaire diamond ring is a work of great beauty – and it would make an elegant addition to your jewelry collection. But before you buy one, here’s everything you need to know about buying classic solitaire rings.

What Are Classic Solitaire Rings?

When most people shop for an engagement ring, the classic solitaire is often their first choice. However, if you’re not familiar with jewelry jargon, you may wonder what this means. A solitaire ring has a simple, timeless design with only one diamond and no other gemstones.

This classic ring design brings attention to its stunning diamond, creating a simple yet elegant look that matches any outfit. It’s the reason why so many people look for an engagement solitaire ring if given a chance.

How to Pick a Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring That Suits You Best

If you had the chance to pick your engagement ring, what kind of ring would you choose? The classic Tiffany solitaire engagement ring would most likely be one of your top picks. Yet, with so many unique designs on the market, how would you choose the right one for you?

The secret to finding the correct ring is to decide your specific preferences one at a time. If you want to start with something easy, pick the colour of the band that you want. Next, match the diamond of the solitaire ring with the band.

If you’ve tried buying diamond jewelry before, you already know the 4Cs. If you haven’t yet, they are:

  • Cut: the stone’s shape and cut quality
  • Clarity: how clear the diamond is from blemishes and inclusions
  • Colour: the stone’s hue (yellowish) or lack of colour
  • Carat weight: the size of the diamond

Once you know what you want, you’re ready to buy a single diamond solitaire ring that perfectly matches your taste.