How To Find the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams
Buying your dream engagement ring is serious, regardless of your age and experience with jewellery. It is already tricky and nervous wrecking to pop the big question, so getting the perfect ring shouldn’t add to it. You cannot afford to...
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A Guide to Gemstone Engagement Rings
Gemstone wedding bands come in a shimmering array of colours and speak to your uniqueness — they address your brighter, less customary side and are an exquisite choice for a middle stone. A gemstone that holds importance for you brings...
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Lab-grown vs. natural diamonds: Which is best?
Diamonds are a lady's dearest companion - and a man's most important decision when it comes to getting married! However, demand for ethically obtained jewels has recently grown, leading to increased interest in lab-grown precious stones. As per reports, up...
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