What Are Rose-cut Diamonds? All You Need to Know!

What Are Rose-cut Diamonds? All You Need to Know!

Are you looking for a rose-cut gemstone ring to add to your jewelry collection or to present as an engagement ring? A rose-cut diamond is a beautiful and classic stone cut. A few years ago, this type of cut regained popularity, capturing the attention of many brides-to-be.

What Is a Rose-Cut Diamond?

Unlike other cut stones, rose-cut ones have a unique look and feel. When you look at rose-cut gemstones, they will seem less brilliant, especially when compared to brilliant-cut diamonds. The idea behind this type of diamond cut is to make the stone look like the shape of a rosebud.

Brilliant-Cut vs. Rose-Cut Stones

To get a better idea of this kind of diamond, we’ll compare the rose-cut with another cut with many similarities: the round brilliant cut. Let’s begin with how similar they are. Both a rose-cut stone and a round brilliant cut diamond are perfectly round. They also have faceted tops.

These factors make both cuts perfect for any classic and modern jewelry setting. However, this is where the two cuts’ similarities end.

A primary difference between the two cuts is in how they reflect light. The brilliant round cut seems brighter because of the way the diamond was cut. When you look at a round brilliant-cut gem from the top, it looks more like a disco ball next to a rose-cut diamond.

A brilliant-cut diamond usually has 57-58 facets to maximize its brilliance or white light reflection. A rose-cut gem can have three to 24 facets, depending on its design. The reason behind a rose-cut diamond having fewer facets is that it's meant to sparkle under candlelight. Bigger facets “shine” brighter in a candlelit environment than in an electrically lit setting.

The final big difference is in their bottoms. A rose-cut gem has a flat base to give it a subtler glow and a more transparent look. Meanwhile, a brilliant-cut diamond has a peaked bottom to reflect as much light as possible back to the viewer.

What to Consider When Buying Rose-Cut Gemstones

For every diamond ring or stud earring you buy, you need to consider some specific factors – regardless of the cut. Let's start with the stone's carat weight, a diamond's most crucial selling point.

Since rose-cut diamonds have a flat bottom or underside, they usually look bigger than a regular round-cut stone. Its lack of a peaked underside makes up for a larger visible surface area. If you’re buying a rose-cut diamond, remember that it will look larger than a round brilliant cut stone of the same weight.

Rose-cut stones also tend to be more affordable because they have fewer facets, which means they require less labour and time. That's what makes this kind of diamond cut so popular: it looks bigger while also being less expensive.

All these things are what create the unique rose-cut diamond. If you're looking for an engagement ring or stud earrings with a rose-cut gem, make sure to consider the metal quality, the number of facets, and the overall price.