The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands: Styles Materials, and Trends

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands: Styles Materials, and Trends

Choosing the perfect wedding band for men can be a struggle with so many different designs to choose from as well as different materials which is important to look at. Why is it important for men to pick the perfect wedding band? Wedding bands symbolize commitment and love. It can also showcase one’s personal style. In this ultimate guide, you will find everything you need to know about wedding bands for men and how to choose the perfect one.

Understanding Men’s Wedding Bands

Finding the perfect wedding band can be daunting especially when you realize the number of different styles, shape, materials, finishing, and size. Common styles include:

  • Classic
  • Platinum
  • Beveled

It is important to consider a few things while choosing the perfect wedding band for yourself as well. For example: What is your personal style? What do you like to do often for fun? What is your profession?

These are all important questions to consider as it will help you decide on the material and style of your wedding band. You want to choose one that will be comfortable to wear at all times. Also, take note of any allergies or irritations you may have to certain materials. Some people can not wear all materials such as silicone.

Popular Styles of Men’s Wedding Bands

Starting off with the most popular choice – Classic.

Classic is usually gold in colour and provides a timeless look. Classic gold wedding rings have always been associated with elegance & luxury which can be fitting for a lot of people’s personal style. They can be made with different materials as pure gold is too soft to make jewelry. It is usually mixed with copper or silver to increase its strength.

Second popular choice – platinum.

Platinum also gives a timeless look, and it is a rare metal. Platinum is known for its stunning appearance and purity. It is a good material to go with as it is highly resistant to tarnishing, corrosion, and scratches. Platinum is perfect for someone with a more active lifestyle or has an everyday, hands on, job.

The third popular choice – Beveled.

A beveled look on wedding bands is stunning. It gives a unique look and really shows personal style. There are many different styles with a beveled look depending on if you are looking for something more clean or more rustic. A beveled wedding band is a perfect go to ring as it can be custom to you, and it gives a little more texture to the surface. The fit with beveled wedding rings is very comfortable to wear daily.

To note, with any wedding band, there are customizations available. With customizations, you can include initials and/or dates, birthstone colours within the designs, different textures, materials, and so much more.

Materials 101: Choosing the Right One for Your Wedding Band

When choosing the right wedding band, you want to consider the material that it is made out of. For someone who has an active lifestyle, you want to look for a material that is more durable, like platinum.

There are many different and amazing materials to choose from for a men’s wedding band. Let’s look through pros and cons of common materials used.


Pros – Durable enough for the average wearer.

Cons – Can become discoloured if exposed to certain chemicals.


Pros – Platinum is a rare metal, making wedding bands unique when made with this material. It is one of the strongest metals in the world.

Cons – Platinum is unfortunately the most expensive option to go with.


Pros – Titanium is light weight. It can be found in different shades from light grey to almost black.

Cons – It is a lower quality metal and is prone to scratches. Generally, titanium is not resizable.


Pros – Tungsten is an extremely strong metal and is low maintenance. It is ideal for someone who has an active lifestyle.

Cons – Unfortunately, tungsten cannot be resized. It is also a little bit more money than other wedding bands.


Pros – Silicone wedding bands fit comfortably, and they come in a variety of different colours to choose from.

Cons – Silicone will not last a lifetime and will need to be replaced at some point. It is also known to cause skin irritation.

Trending in Men’s Wedding Bands for 2024

2024 is the year for grooms to embrace their bold and masculine styles. These styles involve alternative materials such as tungsten, titanium, as well as carbon fibre. These 2024 styles are strong, durable, and modern, perfect for every man whether they have active lifestyles or are more relaxed. With different styles available to pick from, a textured finish is trending in 2024. That can be hammered finishes or matte surface to list a couple. They all look incredible.

These amazing trends for 2024 wedding bands are amazing and there is something for everyone. Whether you work in construction and are always getting your hands dirty or you work an office job, there is a wedding ring that will fit perfectly for you.

Care and Maintenance of Men’s Wedding Bands

If you need to clean your wedding band, make sure to soak your ring in a mixture of dish soap and warm water for 30 minutes. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the ring and rinse it under warm water.

If you are working on something where there is a potential chance of your ring getting broken or stuck, take it off before continuing.


Choosing the perfect men’s wedding band does not have to be stressful. Go for what feels right for you and your partner. There are so many different styles out there like Beveled or classic and materials like tungsten, gold, silicone. There is a wedding band for everyone. Make sure to take your time when choosing the right wedding band for you. Research the different materials, styles, and maintenance. Make sure to consider your everyday life as well to see which ring would be best. Explore all of your options before making a quick decision.

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