The Right Way to Wear a Wedding Ring

The Right Way to Wear a Wedding Ring

Your wedding is around the corner, and as you gaze at your beautiful engagement ring you find yourself wondering, "how do you wear your wedding rings after the ceremony? Is there a correct way to do it?"

The short answer is no. It's your wedding, and your rings are something you will be wearing every day, so the final decision is yours alone.

That being said, as you consider how to wear your rings, here are some different ways people choose to wear their rings, and their reasons for doing so.

During the wedding

Before your wedding, it's traditional, as well as practical to move your engagement ring to the ring finger of your right hand. This keeps your wedding ring finger clear for the big moment!

After the wedding, you can choose to wear your rings any of the following ways:

Both on one finger, engagement ring on top

Wearing your rings this way tends to come as the most natural option for people, and here's why:

After the ceremony, when the engagement ring is moved back over to join the band on the wedding ring finger, it gets set on top of the band.

This option has the additional sweet touch of keeping the wedding band closest to your heart, which is why it has continued to be the most common option for generations!

Both on one finger, wedding band on top

Some wedding band sets are made to work this way, and it tends to be the preferred option of wearing your rings when the engagement ring is particularly large or heavy, as it lends some stability to the set and helps hold the engagement ring on your finger.

Each on a separate ring finger

This option is a more modern choice. People choose to wear their rings on separate fingers, usually to avoid the wear of having them rub together (this can also be avoided by soldering the rings together after the ceremony).

You might also choose this option if your wedding band and engagement ring weren't bought as a set and therefore don't fit together comfortably.

Alternatively, if each ring is a statement piece on its own, you might feel like it's awkward or overwhelming to wear them together on the same finger.

One final option in this category is to alternate between wearing the rings on your wedding ring finger. That way you can enjoy each ring for the beautiful piece that it is, and introduce some variety into your style! It's also a way to keep your engagement ring, which likely has a bigger stone in it, from getting damaged during everyday use.


The choice of how to wear your rings is completely up to you, but the reason it is traditionally worn on the ring finger is pretty interesting! The tradition of wearing your wedding band on the fourth finger of the left hand dates back to ancient Rome, when they believed that a vein ran directly from that finger to the heart.

No matter how you choose to wear your ring, it is going to look gorgeous and always be a reminder of the precious promises you made to that special person!

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