Most Common Engagement Ring Myths

Most Common Engagement Ring Myths

Are you someone who believes in superstitions or myths? Do you want to learn the truth about engagement rings? Keep reading for some myth busters about engagement rings, as well as some extra insight on the typical engagement ring cost and the importance of the ring finger. Let's dive in!

Myth 1: A Brilliant and Colourless Diamond Is the Best

Many people still think that rings with dull or coloured diamonds make bad engagement rings. The truth is that this old myth is turning into a ridiculous belief. Some people even treat it as an engagement ring joke.

The Truth About Engagement Rings

Nothing is wrong with colourless diamond rings. However, many women today want custom rings that fit their style. It often means getting a pink, yellow, or blue diamond. They may even choose to ignore the brilliance of a diamond if the colour suits their preferences.

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Myth 2: You Should Always Get the Ring With the Biggest Diamond

Even when it comes to large diamond engagement rings, many people think “the bigger, the better.” Size isn’t the only thing that affects a diamond ring’s appearance. You should also factor in:

  • Cut - The diamond’s cut and design will affect its brilliance and luminosity. 
  • Clarity - Talks about the diamond’s natural blemishes or inclusions
  • Colour - The diamond’s colour can symbolise many things such as passion, power, or purity.

Myth 3: Any Diamond Will Glisten

If you’re not familiar with many rings, chances are you’ll want any old ring with sparkling diamonds. You may even believe that a ring is a bad engagement ring if its gem doesn’t glisten as you expect. The problem with this belief is that not all diamonds sparkle.

In truth, the diamond’s glisten will depend on how its facets interact with light. The better and more precise the cut, the more it will “sparkle.” A diamond with a poor cut will have little or no sparkle at all.

Also, keep in mind that dirt can keep your diamond from refracting and reflecting light. Before you give your fiancé your grandmother’s diamond ring, clean it.

The Most Popular Ring Finger Superstitions: Why the Ring Finger?

Have you ever wondered why everybody wears their engagement ring on the same finger? There are various ring finger superstitions, but the most popular one can be traced back to Roman times; tradition says we wear our rings on the third finger on the left head because a vein runs through it to the heart.

So, does a vein go from the ring finger to the heart? Yes, the traditional ring finger connects to your heart. The same goes for your other fingers and every part of your body. The Romans’ guess hadn’t been too far off.

What Does the Typical Engagement Ring Cost?

The engagement ring price tradition is said to cost at least two months’ salary. While it’s not wrong to save for your dream engagement event, it helps to be realistic about your budget. Today, you can get a fine diamond engagement ring for $2,500 or less.

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