Diamond Cut Guide

Diamond Cut Guide - Luxury Diamonds

Choosing the right diamond cut is very important because it will define the personal style of your bride-to-be. This does not refer to shape, but the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond. Cuts of a diamond affect a diamond’s sparkle, which means if it is cut badly; it will be less radiant or brilliant.

Ideal Showcases excellent brilliance. Light that passes through is reflected back to the viewer’s eye. Sensational polish and symmetry
Very Good A great deal of sparkle. Great polish. When viewed upside down, it displays asymmetrical pattern of light and dark spots.
Good An ample amount of brilliance. Adequate polish and symmetry. Does not send back as much light as the higher grades.
Poor Can be seen dull even with the naked eye. Does not sparkle much at all. Unsatisfactory polish and symmetry.


Anatomy of a Diamond – Types of Reflection


– refers to the light reflected in and out of the diamond. When light exits, it starts to recombine like white light. The gems appear enlarged due to the perfect proportions which prevents light leakage.


Dispersion (fire)

– Appears as flashes of colors that forms like a rainbow of lights. Ideal for darker scenes like a romantic candlelit dinner.



-This is demonstrated by the movement of diamonds which forms a pattern of dark and light facets. It has the ability to reflect its brilliance in all directions.

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