Carat Guide

Carat Guide - Luxury Diamonds

It is used to measure the diamonds. The diamond carat is the measure of its weight and not its size. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The larger the carat the heavier the diamond is. Actual size can vary depending your screen resolutions, monitor size etc.

Carats are divided into points where one carat equals 100 points. For example:

  • ½ carat diamond – 50 points or 0.50 carat diamond
  • ¼ carat diamond – 25 points or 0.25 carat diamond

The diamond carat weight does not reflect the diamond’s size. It usually appears bigger but weighs less. When buying a diamond, the first factor that we’re looking at is the carat weight, however it’s still very important to remember the 4C’s of diamond that will identify its value.