10 timeless engagement rings you can get for under $2000

10 timeless engagement rings you can get for under $1000

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, there is no need to break the bank to find something truly timeless and special. In fact, there are plenty of beautiful and elegant diamond rings that can be purchased for under $2000. At Luxury Diamonds Vancouver, we offer a variety of options that will work for every budget and style. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Consider a custom engagement ring: Our diamond experts will make suggestions about what to focus on in a diamond ring, and what to overlook to create the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank. We love this option because you will end up with a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring that reflects your partner’s personality perfectly.
  2. Make the band the main event: When you think of engagement rings, it’s natural to think of the diamond on it, but some bands are so unique, they are the real star of the show! Consider a wider band in white or rose gold, or a band that twists gracefully around a smaller diamond, like this gorgeous piece.
  3. Stick with a classic solitaire: When you narrow down the number of diamonds on the ring to just one, you can spend a little more money on the quality of that diamond, and trust us, it’s worth it! A simple, elegant shining diamond will take their breath away and be a beautiful accessory to any style. Solitaire diamond rings are also easier to wear, as they tend to be lightweight.
  4. A vintage ring: Is there a ring in your family that you would love to use, but it needs a little bit of love first? Vintage rings tend to be more ornate and can be beautifully refreshed with a simple cleaning. You can also work with our custom ring experts to update the diamond, the setting, or both to create a truly timeless ring that will be cherished for generations!
  5. Stick to 14k gold: Upgrading to a platinum band will increase your price, so to keep the focus where you really want it (on the diamond!), stick to 14k gold for the band. It comes in yellow, white or pink, so there is still plenty of room for your partner’s personality to shine through!
  6. Go asymmetrical: Try an asymmetrical setting to add some intrigue to a simple ring.
  7. Choose a unique cut of diamond: We love this oval diamond.  You can also choose round, princess, emerald, and more.
  8. Diamonds all around: If you want all-around sparkle, consider choosing a band with smaller diamonds all around rather than one larger diamond in the center. Often these are used as wedding bands but can work beautifully as engagement rings too.
  9. Choose a lab-grown diamond: Lab-grown diamonds are an extraordinary choice! They are made by duplicating the formation of diamonds in nature and are 100% real diamonds. The bonus is that they can be produced for a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond. Contact our custom ring department for more information on lab-grown diamonds.
  10. Try a different gemstone: Diamonds are a classic choice, but in recent years, a variety of gemstones have become popular as engagement ring stones! We love sapphire, emerald, or ruby, they make truly eye-catching and unique rings!

The day you get engaged is one you’ll never forget! Your partner will remember it every time they look down at their hand and see the symbol of your love on their hand. No matter which ring you choose, the love that went into choosing the perfect ring for them is what makes your life together truly special.