Custom Engagement Rings in Vancouver at Luxury Diamonds

Custom Engagement Rings in Vancouver at Luxury Diamonds

All ladies love jewelry. When it comes to an engagement ring, every girl would love to get the most beautiful ring that she could proudly wear on her finger. As her lover, you’d want to pop into every shop and find a stunning ring among all those pretty custom rings in Vancouver… But what if you’ve been looking for the perfect piece of jewelry and still haven’t found the ring for sale that would impress your girlfriend and make her say YES without hesitation? 

In that case, Luxury Diamonds would be the best place to get custom unique engagement rings! We are happy to create a stunning custom-made ring based on your design.

Why Choose Luxury Diamonds?

Based in downtown Vancouver, Canada, we provide customers with the prettiest custom rings in Canada. Here is why couples enjoy working with Luxury Diamonds over buying wholesale rings and are left satisfied with the outcome:

  • We build engagement rings using natural diamonds. While many couples go down the route of the moissanite rings on sale in Canada, diamonds still remain the most desirable material for custom rings for engagement. At your request, we can custom engagement rings with coloured diamonds as well. Depending on your preferences, we’ll make you a yellow, blue, white, red, green, black or grey custom ring in Vancouver, making some of the most stunning custom rings in Canada.
  • We also carry lab-grown diamonds. Very nice engagement rings can be made of lab-grown diamonds, too. Because these gems are rather expensive, a lot of people decide to use lab-grown custom diamonds as an option for affordable engagement rings. And don't worry — lab-grown diamonds cannot be distinguished from natural ones and you’re guaranteed quality over budget diamonds online or other rings you can buy online in Canada.
  • We are working with the best custom engagement ring designers. Whether you are interested in vintage engagement rings, plain engagement rings, diamond sets or some of the most beautiful diamond bands in Canada, we will make sure that you get a ring that you and your beloved are fully satisfied with.
  • We sell pret à porter jewelry, too. In addition to customised engagement rings, we carry loads of ready-made rings. If you browse through the list of the available engagement rings on our website and stumble upon a lovely ring on sale that is already perfect, you can go ahead and order it.
  • Besides engagement rings, we design other types of jewelry. Luxury Diamonds doesn't just focus on custom diamond rings — we also offer wedding rings, anniversary rings, bracelets, and earrings, such as diamond stud earrings in yellow gold. While it’s usually just women who wear engagement rings, wedding bands are meant for both spouses. Choosing a couple ring set in Vancouver may be a challenge but, we have some of the best diamond set prices in Canada so, you might want to think about getting wedding rings customized as well. And that’s what we’re here for!


    Getting engaged is life-changing. In order to make this a day to remember for the rest of your life, you should take picking an engagement ring seriously. After all, your partner will spend a lot of time looking at this ring thinking of you, so you’d want it to look good. If you’ve been struggling to find a ready-made piece of jewelry or bridal ring sets in Canada, we will gladly build a ring for you. Schedule an appointment to discuss that diamond shape ring with us today, we will happily talk about design, stones, ring price and the rings we have on sale. Our custom engagement rings in Canada are stunning, top-quality rings that will make you even more excited for your wedding day.