Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Table of Contents

  • Imprint Your Engagement Ring
  • Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas
  • White your proposal date
  • Write a romantic phrase
  • Write melody verses
  • Write a bible verse
  • Write your initials
  • Write a Goofy Expression
  • Write matching phrases

Imprint Your Engagement Ring

Every couple has their unique, love-driven to speaking with one another, loaded with adoration and must-be-there private jokes. Every couple knows how those personal conversations and like-minded sharing are main avenues for affection! Because every relationship is so unique, why not customize your wedding band to reflect your perfect relationship as well? With extraordinary engraving, you don't need to go all-out on custom wedding bands to make your ring as special as your love is.

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Do you already feel excited about the idea of engraving your ring but have no idea where to start? We will help you find your perfect engraving for your wedding band that reflects all the love in your relationship.  Each option is beaming with originality and meaning for you and your partner to pick based on your extraordinary expression of love.

Your Proposal Date

Your wedding date marks the official start of your forever partnership with your loved one. It’s the date that binds your love and tells everyone when you decided forever couldn’t come soon enough. But what about your proposal date—the day you both agreed to take the important next step? Honor the day of your engagement by engraving it on your wedding band as a symbol that you will love your partner through every stage of your relationship of bliss and love. 

A Romantic Phrase

In some cases the greatest feelings are best communicated in the fewest words. We love the force behind these abridged love letters:

  • “Written In The Stars”
  • “The Beginning”
  • “Captivated By You”
  • “Getting Started”
  • “Continues To improve”

Melody Verses

Nothing beats the works of art! A few immortal tunes somehow get better with the passage of time, so why not commemorate your love with a song that ages like fine wine?

A Bible Verse

If you and your partner’s love is marked by spirituality, otherworldliness, and trust, engraving a favorite Bible verse into your rings could do just the trick to signify the magnitude of your love. Here are some ideas:

  1. Corinthians 13:4 – Love is patient and kind; love doesn't begrudge or brag; it isn't pompous or inconsiderate. It doesn't demand its own particular manner; it isn't bad tempered or angry; it doesn't cheer at bad behavior, yet celebrates reality.
  2. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 – "Two are superior to one, since they have a decent return for their work: If one tumbles down, his companion can help him up. Yet, feel sorry for the one who falls and has nobody to help him up! Additionally, assuming two rests together, they will keep warm. Be that as it may, how might one keep warm alone? However one might be overwhelmed, two can protect themselves. A rope of three strands isn't immediately broken."
  3. Corinthians 13:13 – "Three things will endure forever - confidence, trust and love - and the best of these is love."

Your Initials

Wedding bands are already very personal and specific to a couple, but something that can make it that much more special is engraving initials into the band. You can add just your partner’s initials (“MTL”), or you can include yours as well (“M+L”).

A Goofy Expression

What's within counts far more than physical beauty! If you and your partner have a favorite silly quote or inside joke, you can add that to your ring to remind you of your love’s seriousness and lightheartedness. This can even be  a game term, web talk, or Irish Gael.

Matching Phrases

Do you and your partner finish each other’s sentences? Well, why not take it a step further and finish each other’s wedding bands? This is especially great for couples who have different  styles of wedding bands yet still want to correlate the other.