Quality & Value

Superior Diamond Engagement Rings Quality

At Luxury Diamonds, our mission is to streamline your entire shopping experience offering you not only the finest quality loose diamonds and jewelry available, but also expert advice and superior service. Our diamond jewelry and engagement rings are crafted with only superior materials and inspected against exceptional quality standards. We guarantee that you won't find a better diamond or piece of jewelry for the price we offer.

Luxury Diamonds offers an extensive collection of the world's finest cut and highest quality diamonds. Selected for their exceptional quality, cut, colour, and clarity our loose diamonds are evaluated based on the GIA standardized grading scale. Every loose diamond comes with a grading report from the GIA, an independent diamond grading lab internationally recognized for their consistency and stringent grading standards.

Diamond Jewelry

To ensure superior quality, the diamonds set in our jewelry always meet strict minimum quality standards. Our diamond are colorless to near-colorless (D–I grade color) with exceptional clarity (FL–I1 grade clarity). This standard of quality is for all of our diamond jewelry — even items with the smallest diamonds.

Black diamond fashion jewelry is designed using natural diamonds that have been treated to create the intriguing black colour with a high luster. Note: Black diamonds commonly reveal minor surface imperfections without magnification.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is our most popular metal for engagement and wedding rings, due to is durability, strength and beauty. Lasting a lifetime platinum accentuates the brilliance of a diamond. All of our platinum is 95% pure.

Gold Jewelry

An enduring element found in nature, gold is favoured for fine jewelry due to its strength and malleability. The perfect element for crafting fine jewelry. Luxury Diamonds offers several colours and alloys including both 18k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold, along with gold vermeil.